Notes: Why are S0 and Mr. Snodgers Neighborhood crossing over if the orignal perpose of having two seperate ones was so I could seperate my ideas from random and plot based? Well, if I were lying to you, I'd say it's because this curent story falls a little into each. It's a story of significant lenghth, that at the same time is made of completely random elements as they come to mind. It really can't fall under either catagory. It also is somewhat symbolic of my madness in the strip that I'd start mixing everything together, both parts of reality and fanatasy, and the very format of the comics themselves.

Now if I weren't lying to you I'd say that I was just really tired right now and that I just feel like screwing around for awhile, and this is amusing me so much that I really don't want to stop to do something else. It will eventually come to an end because I have a story I'd really like to do sometime. I'd just need to think a lot more about how it'd flow. Set up, order, presentation and such.

And it's only a coincidence that this and the title of the strip match up.