Notes: I was debating doing this one in color, but in the end, that involved inventing a few too many color schemes for me. Anyway, Jenny, is back, which makes me happy. I mean, I couldn't have thrown her into the last bit because she wouldn't have fit, but she has a bit of a role now again. Meh, more on that next week. For now she's back and a bit irritable if you haven't picked that up. Not an uncommon mood for her, I guess. Not much of a surprise to me when I consider the part of my mind that spawned her. Maybe I won't get into that though.

Anyway, things are rounding up now for the plot. Maybe only a couple more months of it. And by that point I'll have to have decided which ending I prefer. There're a couple of options in this, though most of them haven't presented themselves at this point, I suppose.

Hmm, that was a bit tangental, but there's not much more i can say about this strip since it generally sprang full blown into my head. There're a couple details I added, but it's pretty true to the script I just scribbled out a couple weeks before this.