Notes: This isn't terribly relivent to the other going ons in this plot, but it at least is a rather good example of how my mind is working at this point. Perhaps alluding to the coming madness.

Actually, now that I thik about it, there is some sence of crossing over since Jimmy and Bob have been hanging out primarily in S0 for some time. In fact Snodgers and Guy had never been in it till this point. So it could be said they swiched their main characters. Admitedly though I do run both strips so it's not a cross over per-say

Now, I have to admit that this come was about 10 times funnier in my head than it turned out to be on paper. It might have been better if I'd just ended it with the 5h panel. It's bother some. It's too long for a half comic, but it's not quite a filling 8 panel one.

In a way this might have been inevitable since I wasn't partcularly inspired that night, so I pulled the idea out of one of my notebooks. Working off idea that aren't fresh, while handy in a when I'm in a bind, tends to lead to lead to rather unbalenced comics, which have one real good joke, whithout the leadup, and finish they deserve. Then again when I'min the mood, I hardly need old scripts, so they'd never get used then.

Actually by far my best comics though come from intergrating parts of an old idea I've thought through into a comic that I already am doing. Of course this means sometimes I have to discard some of my orginal premise for the idea but it usually works out pretty well. A good example is Verbal Sparing, where I wrote the whole haiku thing months before I even started the strip, then put it in the context of my currently evolving ninja plot.