Notes: There's a lot of silence in this comic. I hate to use that and think that people might interpert it as my trying to fill space. I mean, it can be used for that, and perhaps the dramatic pause is overused in the comic world. I maintian though that there are also in normal conversation lulls, where there is nothing happening. And the only way to really show that time is to show it. I mean, I could insert in the corner an indication of an unusual lapse of time, but I'm almost certain that's the most horrible idea ever. So I maintain that if there's an awkward conversaton, there will be less talking in the comic then normal.

And a curious awkwardness. Jenny is an odd one in my mind. She can't exactly be consistent in her dealings since she's had quite so many opinions of Jimmy. First there are matters of which is in play, which seems the proper one to have, which she wants to act on... it makes for curious complication fo Jimmy. And I suppose Jenny herself.

And there's an odd rotation happening in the art here. It started out as just trying to get things changed a little in the art so I wouldn't be doing profiles every panel, for eight panels, with the above problem of being rather quiet. I started going one way, panning out a little, and then just felt like going round a bit more for eveness. One of the interesting aspects is the way Jimmy looks from the back. He wasn't originally designed very 3d-like, but it seems to have worked out a bit. I'm certain I've done this before, but it is an interesting trick in my mind. Jenny looks better, though I maintian problems with not being able to see eyes, and that stance doesn't seem to be so specific.