Notes: Every once in awhile I'm just struck by the idea of running with something completely different. Just to run away completely from the way I do things and the things that are going on. I'm tired of fighting though I have every intention of ending that (For when this ends up in my archives this was actually done somewhere before the third round began. I just need a bit less conflict in my strip for now. There's going to be a series to this, and it should be interesting to see develope. I haven't interacted with Jenny much, but I thought I might give it a go here.

Now the title of this came to me out of a book done by James Kochalka called "The Perfect Planet and other stories". I can't say it and the comic really bear a lot of resemblance after that point though. None really in fact. And in fact they only really have one word in common when I think about it. But it remains what I think of when I read this. His is a way of showing a really imperfect world, of the imperfections of a person. Mine also has some elements of that, but i does so more by listing what does not exist, than his method of showing these things in us rather starkly, though not in the overwhelming sense of holocausts and depravity. It's the small things we do that we perhaps feel strange about, that cause us to cringe a bit inside. Things we then don't seem to be able to stop, for they're not so bad they're crimes, but they are neither things we take pride in.

I'm taking far too long to write about something at best loosely related to this comic. Perhaps it is a way of looking at something perfect. I'd say it's a perfect comic though, not a world. A perfect one to reside in, where things are simple and there is no inherent infighting causing each of the characters to hurt each other needlessly. Perhaps everybody getting some wish in it.

A perfect world is far less real a concept to me. Perhaps not even a desirable one.

There's a bit of oddity in the naming here. They were originally meant to just all be generic B names, but then I thought of Bob. And then the evidently more girl bunny became Jenny. And the blue one then Jimmy. And it sorta became a different story, filled with all sorts of odd implications.

The ending to this was perhaps the most difficult part. I have so many things that I do regularly with comics where I step outside normal lines. I end it in being questioned about it. I end it in unnecessary violence. I end it with some irrelevant point. I wanted to escape this. And now I have this really bizarre plot brewing in my head after having beat my head against the wall enough.

Final note: for some reason Jenny and I are working on the floor it seems. Somehow it also strikes as right with a comic as loosely made as this one.

Perhaps that is the way to describe this comic. Just as what has struck me a just being the right way of doing things for it to exist.