Notes:Still no violence. Surprising no?

This comic is unspeakably cute. I thought Jenny looked good when she tried dressing up as me, but as 'S it's simply overwhelming. Especially the way she tries to mimic 'S's little eye thingies using her fingers. Shast calls them antennae, but I trouble imagining them being there for information gathering purposes. They're mostly there to give her a distinct look, and serve rather well as an indicator of mood as well. But they are a little strange I suppose.

In anycase though, Jenny is cute, though that ends up less the point of this comic. Her little act doesn't start particularly politely, but it's still more of jibbing than a real full out attack, which I think keeps it in line.

It's a curious thing. Before it was pointed out to me, I had never really thought to 'S as mean at all. She won a lot of her arguements, and also didn't mind showing off that she was intelegent, but somehow mean never came into it for me. Then someone (namely friend/fan Andrew) was talking about his reasoning for not liking her, partly it being that she just wasn't really... nice. I pretty vehimently fought that at the time, but on reflection she does have some tendency to be a cynic towards people, and more than a little rude sometimes.

And she's been being more so of late. It is also true that since she's showed up, a lot of what I've done has been more or less influenced by her. So a chalenge by someone like Jenny is not going to end prettily.

And oddly enough Jenny holds her own. There's a moment there where it's gotten to her and she's down. I mean, she's been violent, but it's also a fairly gross generalization of who's she is, and she's real enough to feel bad about some of it.

But 'S trys to pull the Punch-line, and Jenny doesn't accept it. She rolls it back and goes to being a bit mean herself. She does know how to be assertive, she just has to find it. Should be interesting what this in particular does to things, since she' s obviously no so much under 'S's lead at this point.

And I think that's perhaps what I really like about this particular comic. Each of them goes through a couple of different phases to reach the end, and Jenny's at least is a pretty good stance at the end. 'S has had a shot fired a her, which is a bit of first, and it actually is good to see her shot down a bit from her pedistal.

Oh, and if you noticed what was happening in the first panel, that just sorta happened. A few of those just flowed out and the rest were pretty inevitable.