Notes: Ah, the problems of power. Jenny has a couple issues with it when it comes down to it, both with people claiming it over her, and with having too much of it herself. Not so surprising since she's 16 and without a lot of guidence in things. Though I'm not sure what exactly constitutes proper guidence for having powers far beyond the scope of mortal ken at that age.

And the excuses, the horrible excuses. They have to happen somehow. It's what people do, expecially when they're at that age, mentally or whatever. It's just amasing sometimes then things people will say. I mean there is some legitimacy in it, but I'm fairly certain it's just acting as more of a distraction while the world is changing to suit her needs.

And what better way to change it? After all, it's been shown to be able to distract even the mightiest for quite some time. And it's a joke for people that have been reading the comic for awhile.

If you don't get it, then it's from here.