Notes: This comic is huge. You may have noticed that. It's been commented to me that these notes make good reading sometimes while it loads, so I'll try and delay when I start including the specifics of what's happening in it.

It's an interesting case. Once I started writing this thing, more things just kept happening in it. And they couldn't be left out because they all linked together. This wouldn't be nearly as interesting if there was a week between each increment of it. But at the same time, it's also interesting because it goes through at least four stages in the course of it anyway. But each of them is part of the story as much as the whole, they are the introduction, the dramatic moment, the action and the inevitable conclusion. It's fun.

There's a lot of things I enjoy in the art of this too, though the ears are someplace between good and bad in it. It makes it really unusual compared to my normal stuff, because I just don't have bunny girls. They are useful though as cues to emotion, and goodness knows I love playing with people's expressions. Panel's 12 and 13 hold what I think are my favorites. They're just such a wonderful contrast of high and low in emotion. But everything in here seems to get the point across well during what's said. The less emotional stuff is less interesting in some ways, but then that sets up contrast well for the things that are said with some vehemence. It's unfortunate that Bob doesn't change much, but the fact of the matter is that like his family, he's fairly stiff in his own way. That and he's a ball on a stick of a character. Then again, Jimmy's not much of a person either, and he compensates well. Yet another again, he also has eyes at least. Bob's look, while humorous makes it hard sometimes to even make him look surprised.

And now onto the specifics of what happens

Fucking hell, aspects of this freak me out. A lot of my plot writing comes out of my just fiddling with whatever I think characters will do, having them sorta run on an autopilot in my head. This isn't usually much of a bother, but holy hell this is an extreme turn. Not unexpected though. Jenny has always been cruel to Bob, though it's mattered less in some ways since he'll recover from anything she does to him. Actually having someone rip off part of your body though, that's... *twitch* I mean, given they are the equivalent of real ears, that's... really excessive.

So Bob goes out and finds a likely means of revenge.

Now let me just say, that if he had pulled the trigger there, Jenny would be really dead. That would be sorta inevitable. As stated within, the range alone makes the precision of trying to protect oneself rather difficult. And it is Snodgers weapon.

Who knows where the plot would have gone then. I mean, damn. Especially given this is S-sub-not and she is one of my favorite characters. Not to mention how dark that would make everything.

But of course Jenny has cartoonist abilities right now, and a bit of creativity to boot, so she managed to handle that smoothly. Perhaps even a little too much so. It's hard to be sympathetic with someone who wins quite as easily as she does. And when you're of mixed feelings already, glib comments on the matter don't help your opinion any.

Jenny has sorta a curious problem it seems. She's not entirely of either the completely goofy violent school, or of the one that takes the matter completely seriously either (of course in this way, she's every teenager to some extent, at least in their fantasies) and this doesn't work. She'll act on one, but has to deal with the results as the other.

Final confession. This entire strip probably gathered together from the sound effect Ker-Stab! Much like Ker-Blam, is a bigger explosion than just Blam, I suppose a Ker-Stab, must be a much more stabby stab than just a Stab.