This is the full archives of my comics, put an mixed order of relevance and date. Generally like types of strips are put in order with strips of the same type. This isn't all garenteed to work since I write most of the code for this after 2:00 am.

Of course what you might want is the normal Archives
This is the catagory of strips, while not particularly well done, are necessary to understanding what is going on in later ones. This pretty much is all the early ones. Given some time I might revise/redraw a number of them.

Act 1 Sc 1 -Scene opens with Mr. Snodgers and Guy.

Won't you be my neighbor?

More random violence and the consequences thereof

Ill Fates, Bad Irony, and Drama -Jimmy the Necromancer first shows up.

Not an "I told you so" situation -Meet Jimmy's mom

Revelation: Part one, Part two

Some Introductions -Enter Pygmy and Navajo, no, I don't have anything agains Pygmies or Navajos

When Storylines End -End of the begining story

The next period of the strip is filled with random jokes. Some are even worth your while. Others make things later on make a little sense, but aren't really plot points

The Return of Camraman -sort of a wrapup to the plot, but irrelevant in the overall world of Snodgers

The Next Day

Time Flys When... -another sub-plot thingy, though also irrelevant to the larger world.

What are the odds?

Never Resist fate -Kismet and Jimmy Take the foreground for awhile

New Font, Same Comic

Regret is Eternal(sometimes)

Nothing Comes to Mind -Miniplot, Jimmy goes to school

Those Moments You Cherish Forever

Proper Timing

Feel the Love

Learning From Experience

Kismet's Fate -and ends quite abruptly

A Brief Break in the 4th Wall -some really random stuff.

A Brief Break in the 4th Wall: Part 2

Just Plain Evil -First strip printed in the paper. Also the beginning of a brand new irritation in my life.

Dangers of Dialogue

Debatable Logic -A comic that has nothing to do with anything else I have ever done.


Another Brief Break

A Brief Breakdown -my "finals are making me crazy"/christmas special

Place Humourous Title Here

A Holly Jolly Rodgers


A Cristmas Carlos

This has no title for a reason -Random filler that I had up while I finised my comic one time.

And if it fell into the wrong hands... -The crazy guest strip Shast did for me one week

Snodgers' shows his true colors? -Shasts return to my comic rink

A return to plot. With a new look coming to the comic later on. This is where some of the stuff I really like is.

The Big Question -In case you're curious about how that escape worked.

Back to the Regular Joes

Just Your Average Evil Host -The beginning of the use of ink. An improvement I've come to appreciate later.




Some Helpful Hints

Verbal Sparring -still a favorite

No more Haikus?

Top of the Line

Bad Excuses

No Ifs, Ands, or...

Cill Them!

So they all lived...

-the saga of Pygmy and Navajo vs. Snodgers comes to an end.

This is the beging of a not plot. Basically, I'm tired, I have a lot of work to do, so it's random stuff linked together. Worse yet it spread between both my comics, and I only thought of the archiving problems later.

S0 #11 The comic that might just inpire optimism


S0 #11 The comic that denys everything


S0 #13 The comic with much ado about fishsticks

What's done with Mirrors

S0 #14 The comic that's still kicking

Bad Cat!

S0 #15 The comic that's more than just plain evil

Evil is as Evil does

S0 #16 The comic that can occasionally be pouty

Head Cases

S0 #17 4 definitive signsthat your online cartoonist is stressed out

-This isn't very well linked to the others, but it might not make so much sence on it's own

It all goes to Mell

Just another Dave

S0 #19 The comic that ends an era

-It's over. Yay!

The begining of my summer Plot. Basically I need plot so that I have an easier time coming up with ideas. This is especially necessary when I don't have classs o bore me into writting comics.

Why power is occationlly a good thing

Like peas in a Pod

Huggably Soft -Jenny first shows up

Bearly Bearable

No bones about it

Current Comic for Mr. Snodgers' Neighborhood

This is S0, my comic which holds everything that I couldn't really fit in a normal snodgers strip, because of it's limited shelf life, or the time it would take to set up, or it's completely irrational nature. The dates are left attached as an acknoleadgement to that first catagory. While not really important now, if I keep this up it will be some day.

01/18/2001:S0 #1 The comic that's not Mr. Snodgers' Neightborhood

01/25/2001:S0 #2 The comic with an intentionally limited shelf life

02/01/2001:S0 #3 The comic preferred by 9 out of 10 dead plants

02/08/2001:S0 #4 The comic featuring furious foliage and fauna

02/15/2001:S0 #5 The comic having nothing to do with anything

02/22/2001:S0 #6 Possibly the most contrived comic ever

03/01/2001:S0 #7 The comic that isn't afraid to say "Balderdash!"

03/08/2001:S0 #8 The comic where life is short and harsh

03/15/2001:S0 #9 The comic inspired by sleep deprivation

03/22/2001:S0 #10 The comic not afraid to take on more than one industry at once

05/10/2001:S0 #18 The comic unafraid to reuse a punchline

05/24/2001:S0 #20 The comic that mets out vigilate justice

06/07/2001:S0 #21 The comic featureing the lost punchline - The start of a sorta plot.

06/09/2001:S0 #22 The comic that apologizes to whoever wrote this joke first

06/14/2001:S0 #23 The comic whose title tricks you

06/21/2001:S0 #24 The comic having nothing to do with MOO2

06/28/2001:S0 #25 The semi-historical comic

07/05/2001:S0 #26 The slightly agressive comic

Current S0

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